About Us

Initially with a few well know stars, Az Group made his initial foray in 1996. The response to the initial show was so unexpected, this set the foundations for his company "Az Entertainment USA ."The public, which had largely gone uncatered for finally received what they had wanted and it was a public only too happy to pay for it. With his headquarters in Dallas , TX he is the leading Asian promoter and producer for USA, UK, Canada , Dubai and Pakistan with over 200 shows under his belt. Currently there is no one in the world that meets the needs of the Asian community for entertainment overseas as Az Group has managed to do in the past years and now with more packages in the line up for the years ahead.

His approach, from inception, has been to build upon established trust and existing relationships with his audience. In the last decade of the millennium, there is one name in Bollywood and Lollywood Show business that spells mega entertainment, Az Group who is the undisputed king of entertainment. A one man Entertainment Industry, his command over the promotion & Organization is so complete, by catching the pulse of the audience and giving them what they want show after show, the right mix of artiste, singers, musicians & dancers, is universal and cuts across all classes and ages. After the stupendous success of his first show in 1996, Az Group has collected hits, super hits & mega hits with great consistency and confidence. Think of any blockbuster shows in any given year from 1996 till now, you will find many shows in pride of place. It was an audience hungry for good cinematic entertainment on stage round the globe that made Az Group what he is today, a showbiz impresario extraordinaire, it was his commitment to the Asian Community that made him a household name in the last millennium.